LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer, Alarm Clock – Best Kids Alarm Clock Overall

LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's TrainerMella’s Little Hippo alarm clock was designed to help kids learn how to stay in bed without being awake as soon as the sun comes up. Using a combination of facial expressions and colors, this clock is easy to learn even for the youngest child.

It’s great that this clock won’t get outgrown like so many others will. As the child grows, the Mella Little Hippo can be used as a timer and a standard alarm clock or noise machine.


  • Kids learn to play quietly in bed until it’s time to wake up, thereby letting their parents sleep!
  • Cute, modern design goes with most decor
  • Made of child safe materials

  • Cannot run on batteries; must be plugged in
  • Light can be too bright for some children which may not be too good to the eyes

Overall Thoughts

This cute little alarm clock serves a great purpose in teaching kids how to get to sleep, stay asleep and entertain themselves when they are awake before the rest of the household. With this Mella clock, kids can quickly learn what is expected of them and start to become responsible for their own sleep habits.

Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light – Best Kid Friendly Alarm Clock

Mirari OK to WakeThe OK to Wake clock is unique in that it works both as a sleep timer and alarm clock. Younger children can use the clock to learn when it is time to wake up and older children can use it as a traditional alarm clock.

The hidden parental control panel is intended to keep little hands from changing settings, but there is no lock on the panel door.


  • Easy for a child to understand
  • Can disable alarm sound and only use light
  • Convenient for travel

  • Not very durable
  • Power cord connection port may become loose over time

Overall Thoughts

The cute design of the Mirari clock can be appealing to a variety of children. It is small and does not take up too much room, but could be made of more durable materials.

Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm Clock for Kids – Best Alarm Clock for a Young Kid’s Room

Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm ClockThe cute dog on the Big Red Rooster sleep trainer clock features a digital clock that can be used as an alarm or a nap timer. Designed for even the youngest child, it acts as a learning tool to teach children when to stay in bed for the night.

The dog holds a ball that changes colors to teach the child when it is time to stay in bed vs. time to get up. It glows red during the night and turns green at the time it has been programmed to function.


  • Uses AC power with battery backup
  • Very simple and easy to understand
  • Buttons are hidden and only accessible by an adult

  • Needs to be manually set every night
  • Buttons are small and hard to access

Overall Thoughts

This clock, with it’s simple concept may be better geared towards younger children. It is be helpful in encouraging children to stay in bed when they wake up too early.

Noah – TekHome Alarm Clock for Kids – Cutest Kids Alarm Clock

TekHome Sleep Training Clock for ToddlersNoah is a cute little bunny shaped alarm clock designed for young children. It is a sleep trainer that also works as a nightlight.

This TekHome alarm clock is mainly powered by USB but has a battery backup that can run for up to 30 days, thereby making this option great for sleepovers and travel.

In addition to the programmed sounds that come with this alarm clock, there is an option to record one of your own. For a child who may not respond well to alarm sounds, hearing the voice of mom or dad might just be the perfect way to start their day.


  • Multiple color, light and sound options
  • Has a built in timer feature
  • Offers both USB and battery powering options

  • The included remote does not always work properly
  • The only option is a 24-hour display

Overall Thoughts

This clock is not only aesthetically cute, but it offers a nice amount of alarm, light and sound options. With weekday/weekend options and a snooze button, this clock is a good choice for children of varying ages and stages.

FiveHome Kids Alarm Clock – Kids Love This Fun Alarm Clock

 FiveHome Kids Alarm ClockThe FiveHome alarm clock is a sleep trainer, gentle alarm clock and noise machine all in one. It can be set to teach children when it is time to go to sleep and wake up depending on what color they see on the clock.

There are 4 levels of light brightness and 5 sound options (nature sounds and traditional alarm beeping.)

For children who may not need the alarm functions of this clock yet, it is useful as a night light. There are several brightness and color options to help a child feel comfortable as they fall asleep each night.


  • Reaches full power charge in 2 hours
  • Offers weekday or everyday settings
  • Easy to use touch controls

  • USB adaptor needed for charging is not included

Overall Thoughts

A great feature of this clock is its portability and ease of recharge. As it does not come with a USB adaptor to charge it, a cell phone charger will do the job.

Fitmaker Sunrise Alarm Clock – Cool Kids Alarm Clock with Music Options

Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up LightThe Fitmaker Sunrise alarm clock will gradually wake your child through both light and sound. Simulating the rising of the sun, this clock is a great fit for even the heaviest of sleeping children.

The warm light begins to shine half an hour before the alarm is set to go off. Then, it will slowly increase to gently wake your child. At bedtime, the light can be set to slowly dim so as to help them fall asleep faster.


  • FM radio feature allows music to softly play as it gets closer to the alarm time
  • Large LED screen is easy to read
  • Offers sunrise and sunset simulations

  • Only one option for alarm sound

Overall Thoughts

The large display screen is a great feature on this clock, making it easy to read even if it is not right next to their bed. It is designed with a solid, non-slip base to stand up to use in a child’s room.

LEGO Mini Figure Ninjago Movie Lloyd Minifigure Alarm Clock – Best Choice for Lego-Loving Kids

Ninjago Movie Lloyd Minifigure Alarm ClockFeaturing Lloyd, one of the popular characters from the Lego Ninjago series, this alarm clock offers mostly basic features. It runs on 2 AAA batteries and offers snooze and backlight functions.

The alarm volume is quite loud and cannot be adjusted. This may make for a jarring wake up experience.


  • Lloyd’s arms and legs move, just like a Lego minifigure
  • Simple interface is easy for children to learn to use on their own

  • Alarm volume is loud
  • Backlight only stays on when pressing down on Lloyd’s head

Overall Thoughts

Made from quality materials, this Ninjago clock seems like it will stand up to a bit of rough handling. It is a great choice to help a young Lego fan learn how to work an alarm clock and to get out of bed on their own in the morning.

It’s About Time Stoplight Car Alarm Clock for Kids – Cute Alarm Clock for Vehicle Enthusiast Kids

Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock for KidsThe It’s About Time Alarm Clock looks like a traffic stoplight with a car on the base. It has a variety of different characters available on who “drive” the car. This clock may be a good choice for toddlers or any child who is not able to tell the exact time yet. It works by using the red and green lights on the stoplight to teach the child when it is time to go to bed (red) and when to get up (green).

The stoplight features on this clock do not have to work in accordance with the alarm feature. The alarm sounds can be disabled if desired without affecting the light features of the alarm clock.


  • Child does not need to be able to tell time or read numbers
  • Simple design, easy to understand
  • Variety of characters available

  • Lights can be very bright
  • Bright, primary color design may not go with room decor

Overall Thoughts

This alarm clock may be a great first alarm clock for a child who is transitioning from a crib to a toddler or big kid bed. The basic color functions are easy to understand and work reliably.

Bulb Botz Paw Patrol Chase Kids Night Light Alarm Clock – Best Alarm Clock for a Little Boy’s Room

Bulb Botz Paw Patrol Chase Kids Night Light Alarm ClockIf you have a little Paw Patrol fan in your life, then this alarm clock is the perfect for for them. Featuring Chase, one of the most popular characters from the television show, kids can start to learn how to read a digital clock and wake with an alarm.

There is a short nightlight display cleverly called Chase’s “Spy Light”. This clock is small at only 5.5 inches tall, so it will not take up much space in a child’s room.

It is important to note that the alarm sound is as loud as a police siren. The clock sounds can also be triggered by a button Chase’s head, which can be very tempting for some children.


  • Familiar, popular character
  • Bright LED display
  • Affordable option

  • At only 5 minutes long, the night light feature is too short
  • Police siren alarm sound is loud
  • Sound effects button can be pressed at any time

Overall Thoughts

This alarm clock is a great addition to a Paw Patrol themed room or any room of a Chase the dog fan. It is a fairly simple alarm clock with basic alarm and snooze features.

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock – Best Alarm Clock for a Gentle Wake Up

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm ClockThis sunrise alarm clock encourages heavy sleepers to wake in a gradual, gentle manner. Over the course of 30 minutes prior to the actual alarm time, this clock increases its light output to gently wake the sleeping child.

It also works to help children fall asleep. Instead of gradually brightening like it does in the morning, in the evening, it acts as a sunset clock and gradually dims the light to encourage restfull sleep.


  • 8 different color options
  • Offers the option of nature sounds or FM radio output
  • Design is not juvenile; this clock can be used as the child grows and as taste and room decor changes

  • No option for specific day settings (i.e. weekdays/weekends)
  • Small buttons can be tricky to manuever

Overall Thoughts

This alarm clock has an attractive design and offers a soothing bedtime and wakeup routine. The hOmelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock is a great choice for anyone with a child who struggles to get out of bed in the morning.